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8:23 AM Fri, Oct. 19th

For the Marinos, photography is about capturing moments

It’s a passion, an art and a business for the husband and wife team

JoAnne Marino helps a bride keep her dress clean during a wedding photo shoot in the forests of Bainbridge Island off the coast of Seattle.


JoAnne Marino helps a bride keep her dress clean during a wedding photo shoot in the forests of Bainbridge Island off the coast of Seattle.


Jason Marino laughs as his wife JoAnne takes a photo of him during one of their many photo shoots.

Life is full of happy accidents. From being locked out of a dressing room, to having a flight delayed in Houston on the way to Georgetown in Guyana, every single moment can be turned into something beautiful.

The day of a wedding is supposed to be happy. Everything should go according to plan. The bride should never be locked out of the dressing room.

If she is, however, she could always just get ready in the woods of Bainbridge Island, off the coast of Seattle.

The photos of this supposed mishap could turn out to be a beautiful reminder, and turn a bride’s special day, along with the photography studio, into an internet sensation.

It is these happy accidents – the moments that end up being something truly incredible – that Jason and JoAnne Marino try to capture for their clients.

“Accidents can be happy accidents,” Jason said. “And (it’s) turning that into a moment they absolutely love.”

JoAnne, who grew up in Kingman, said she has been passionate about photography for years. She started taking photos in high school and has been taking photos for about 20 years.

Jason, who only picked up photography after seeing JoAnne photographing his bandmate’s weddings, said he loves the technicality behind photography. He has turned into a self-described nerd, especially when it comes to how lighting works.

“You start to look at the world differently,” Jason said.

He was the one who suggested that she turn her passion into a business model. After 10 years, the Marinos are now in the upper echelon of the photography industry.

“I am so incredibly thankful and shocked,” Jason said. “I’m humbled and excited to be here.”

JoAnne and Jason have been all over the world – South America, Europe, Mexico – and they’ve even had a couple come all the way from England for a photo shoot.

“That was one of my favorites,” JoAnne said. “She liked horses, and he liked motorcycles, so we combined the two.”

For the shoot, they brought in horse handlers, motorcycle trailers and makeup and hair dressers. JoAnne said at one point she was laying on the ground as the couple charged down toward them. Dirt was flying everywhere, and the photos were perfect.

That is just one example of how much care the Marinos put into each of their clients.

“It is important for us to know who they are, what they care about,” JoAnne said. “So we can capture them, show them who they really are.”

“We want to help them celebrate themselves,” Jason added.

Jason said that it doesn’t matter if a client spends $50 or $5,000, their clients become their family.

“I see them capturing these moments, capturing them (the clients),” said Brandy Singer, the Marinos studio manager. “It’s wonderful to see them do this for people.”

Jason and JoAnne said they originally specialized in wedding photography, and that was what gave them the opportunity to fly to other countries to shoot weddings. However, they’re specializations have since grown.

They do portraiture and boudoir photography, and they also take photos for some of the schools and for town sports leagues. Jason said one parent of a child he took sports photos for saw him at Safeway and hugged him, telling him those photos were the coolest ones of her child she had ever seen.

“That’s what tells you you’re doing it right,” Jason said.

The Marinos are opening a photography studio, the first fully commercial photography studio in Kingman, on Beale Street. The grand opening of Imagine Photography will be 6 – 9 p.m., June 30 at 525 E. Beale St. with a live DJ, Jeremiah Green, and catering from Garibadli’s. JoAnne said there will also be an open air photo booth, and a fundraising event for the Kingman Cancer Care Unit.

With or without the studio, the Marinos’ passion for photography would not diminish.

“Life is so fast … we want people to slow down,” JoAnne said. “It’s the simple things that matter.”