City Council addressing golf course and water lines concerns

Cerbat Cliffs Golf Course

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Cerbat Cliffs Golf Course

KINGMAN – The Golf Course Management Agreement for Kingman was just one item discussed at a city council meeting that looked to the future.

At the June 6 City Council meeting, it was recommended to the council to terminate the agreement made with Levi Pitts to manage Cerbat Cliffs Golf Course. This recommendation came after some members of the Park, Aquatic and Golf Commission felt that Pitts was not performing his duties properly.

At the meeting, council members decided to begin more in depth discussion, starting with a rough draft of a proposed business plan by Pitts. The plan would show how Pitts intended to increase attendance and sales at the golf course, and thus, help Pitts and the city understand the needs of the course. Pitts was asked to have the plan ready for review by the June 20 council meeting.

Fast forward to June 20, and while the council does indeed have the rough draft of a business plan created by Pitts, the short amount of time given to create the plan left very little time for the council to review.

Mayor Monica Gates said there has been a meeting scheduled for June 29 when she would be able to meet with Pitts, the city manager and the parks and recreation director to further discuss the agreement and proposed business plan. After this meeting, Gates said each party should have a better understanding of what needs to take place to create more success for the golf course.

“My hope is that whatever transpires in this meeting is going to be reflected in an improved business plan, and whatever’s agreed to will be incorporated into that,” said Vice Mayor Jen Miles. “I’m equally concerned on both sides, the city’s part and the golf manager’s part.”

Service Line Warranties of America

At the June 20 council meeting, the council also discussed the public’s outcry against a recent letter received by residents, appearing to advertise for a water line warranty. The issue however, is that the prior council had given Service Line Warranties of America permission, through a contract, to use the city’s official seal in these letters. This made it appear that the city was sending the letters, and that they were involved in soliciting business for Service Line Warranties.

“This has been the topic I have received the most calls on ever,” Gates said.

The current contract is set to auto renew at the end of the scheduled period, which is contracted for one year.

While the nature of the agenda item did not allow for action to be taken, the council decided to have the item moved to the next agenda where they could discuss ending the contract by giving 90 day notice of the city’s wish to cancel and not renew.