Motel employees become pet-sitters during dog owner’s hospital stay

KINGMAN – Employees of a Kingman Motel 6 stepped up in a major way when one of their guests needed an emergency pet-sitter.

Roxie and her dog Jill are from Missouri. After some unforeseen circumstances, they both became stranded and homeless in Kingman while waiting for little bits of money to come in, enough to be able to afford the trip home to Missouri.

“She (Roxie) seems to be a person who is just happy, even with her circumstances,” said Roxie’s friend, Linda Varon. “She seems to be easy to talk to.”

Roxie, who has been in Kingman for a few months now, would take a bit of her money to rent out a room at the Motel 6 on the east side of Kingman. She and Jill would cool off, rest up and cleanup during their short stays at the motel. After a few stays, Roxie and Jill became familiar, friendly faces to the motel employees.

“She would stay here when the weather was bad, or when she just wanted a bed to sleep in,” said the general manager of the motel, Tina Orth.

During a recent stay at the motel, Roxie suddenly became ill. She was taken to KRMC and ended up having to stay for multiple days.

“My first question was, what happened to the dog?” Varon said.

The Motel 6 employees did not shy away from responsibility when it came knocking. The entire crew took turns taking care of Jill while Roxie was receiving medical treatment.

“They took her into the office, fed her, walked her and took care of her,” Varon said.

Several of the motel employees stepped in and took turns in providing for the dog, with one employee even coming in on her day off to take Jill for a walk.

After her stay at the hospital, Roxie collected Jill and checked back in to the motel to take a few more days to recover, all while feeling utterly grateful.

“I was very proud of my staff for stepping up and taking care of what needed to be done,” Orth said.

While Roxie was not able to be reached for comment, Linda has said that Roxie plans to head back to Missouri in just a matter of weeks.