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10:04 PM Sat, Feb. 23rd

Letter: City officials need to focus on infrastructure

I guess Kingman’s mayor and city council expect the federal government to bail them out with our sorry infrastructure.

We pay city taxes and get nothing in return when it comes to street repair. I have lived in 48 states and six foreign countries and have not seen streets in the shape of Kingman’s streets.

Where does our tax money go, in our officials pockets?

They want Kingman to be a tourist attraction, but it is actually a pimple on Arizona’s butt.

The people in Kingman should refuse to pay taxes until the city starts repairing our streets and infrastructure.

When election time comes I hope everyone thinks about the shape our streets are in. I have spent over $1,000 for front-end repairs in the last year and now have another bill coming up for my front struts leaking. It is impossible to keep your car’s front-end in alignment.

As a last resort impeach those in office and get new ones.

Roy Leggett