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10:52 PM Sat, Feb. 23rd

Letter: Republican led government about itself, not middle class

Wow, looks like the first attempt for the Republicans helps the government, but doesn’t do much for the middle class.

So here are my suggestions: One, no exemption for Congress or all the rest who work for government. From judges to bureaucrats and presidents to the mailman – they all participate.

Second: Medical malpractice insurance reform. Putting a cap on damages will bring down the cost and make insurance cheaper.

Three: The ability of insurance companies to negotiate drug prices. This is a must do and it means saving lives.

Four: There must be a sliding scale for tax credits. The poorest should receive the biggest tax credit.

Starting out at $10,000 with the middle class getting no less than $7,000, and those making over $250,000 would receive a$4,000 tax credit.

Because of the savings from healthcare reform, the top 10 percent would only get a $1,000 tax credit, and then be able to buy cheaper insurance.

How to pay for all this? A 10-percent cut in defense spending and a 5-percent national sales tax that includes the internet.

William Ressegue