Daughters of the American Revolution wants you to know your lineage

Jayne Seieroe waits to make her presentation at the Mohave Republican Forum March 8.

Photo by Hubble Ray Smith.

Jayne Seieroe waits to make her presentation at the Mohave Republican Forum March 8.

KINGMAN – The Lewis Kingman chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution is holding a workshop at 10 a.m. March 25 to teach people how to trace their lineage through basic online research.

Many Americans would like to know about their family history and where they came from, and this workshop will bring unique learning opportunities to answer some of those questions.

The workshop will be held in the Mohave Room of Kingman Regional Medical Center and will last about four hours. Participants are encouraged to bring a sack lunch. The hospital also has a cafeteria.

“It’s the old paper trail,” said Jayne Seieroe, historian of the local DAR chapter who spoke to the Mohave Republican Forum on March 8. “You have to have documents that you’re related to this person who’s related to that person – marriage certificates and birth certificates that document your trail back to a patriot of the Revolutionary War.”

It doesn’t mean that person went out and fought in the war, Seieroe noted. Her connection was to one of her great-something-grandfathers who allowed soldiers to camp on his property in Virginia, fed them and fed their horses.

Seieroe’s lineage search was a “nightmare,” she said, because West Virginia split from Virginia and counties were also split.

“I just kept looking and kept looking and I had a big assist from a cousin who saw my notes on Ancestry.com. I was just lucky,” she said.

The National Society of Daughters of the Revolution was founded by an act of Congress in 1890. The four founding women were just “regular folks” who were patriotic, Seieroe said. They were not “bluebloods.”

DAR now has more than 177,000 members in 3,000 chapters worldwide.

Kathryn Andrews, registrar for the Kingman DAR chapter and a trained genealogy consultant, will lead the workshop, covering the basics of lineage researching. She will review many online research sites, including the DAR online Genealogy Research System.

“A lot of information is online, but most people don’t know about it,” Andrews said. “If they do, they don’t know how to access it, and if they know how to access it, they don’t know what it all means.”

The DAR research site requires no membership or fee, unlike many genealogy websites. The site contains several different data bases, including ancestors, members and descendants.

“For those of us who are really genealogy buffs, it is fun to be able to trace your way back and know the information is accurate,” Andrews said. “And for those of us who are snoopy, it’s just plain fun.”

To sign up for the workshop, email kathrynandrews50@hotmail.com or call Andrews at 702-461-6367.