Dolan Springs couple receiving help after losing everything in fire

The burned out RV that left Neva Tice, husband Rudy Torrez and their expected baby to sleep on their families’ floor.

Photo courtesy of NEVE TICE

The burned out RV that left Neva Tice, husband Rudy Torrez and their expected baby to sleep on their families’ floor.

KINGMAN – In the wake of losing everything they owned in a fire, a Dolan Springs couple is getting a boost.

Neva Tice and husband Rudy Torrez have asked for and received assistance after a fire destroyed their RV March 4.

Neva had found out she was seven weeks pregnant the day before. They’ve since been staying with Neva’s mother, Teresa, and Aunt Tressa Tice until they get back on their feet.

Kingman retiree Judy Irvine read the March 11 article about the couple while getting ready for a workout at Kingman Racquet and Fitness Club.

It touched her heart, and she sprang into action. She’s holding a fundraiser today from 1-5 p.m., at her home at 3937 N. Diamond Drive.

She’s now a consultant for Sentsy, a smokeless and flameless candle company.

Instead of digging into her retirement saving or social security, she donates her personal profit margin of 25 percent to local causes – some of which have included those of cancer patient Natalie Willard and the Last Chance Ranch Sanctuary.

“This gives me an opportunity to give back to the community and help those in need without digging out of my own pocket,” she said. “I just think these kids need some help.

“I looked at the GoFundMe and saw it was only $135,” Irvine said. “I thought, ‘we could do better than that.’ Hopefully people can step up and do something.”

Retiree Norman Severance, 90, of Chloride has also offered to send them a small check. He didn’t want to go through the GoFundMe page.

He was skeptical of using his credit card number so he reached out any way he could – first by contacting the Daily Miner.

He doesn’t have much to give but wants to do whatever he can.

“They have needs and it might be a good thing to do,” Severance said.

“There are some people who have been reaching out in our community,” Neva said.

The couple has received diapers and clothes for them and the expected child.

Severance and his wife pitched in a $100 when he visited the Tice home Friday.

“The community has been very helpful,” she said. “Without our family we wouldn’t have any of this. We’re very thankful.”

As of Friday, $1,995 had been raised through Neva’s GoFundMe page.

Irvine can take donations through her Sentsy website at and then click on “Join a Party.”

Monetary donations can still be made to

Anyone wishing to mail a donation of money or supplies can send it to the Tice family at 16021 N. Peirce Ferry Rd, PMB 141, Dolan Springs, Arizona, 86441.