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4:17 PM Thu, Jan. 17th

Column: Gun safety rules - Part Two

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In my last article (Gun Safety Rules: Part 1), I have shared the fundamental gun safety rules that every gun owner should always follow. There are more safety considerations that we should learn, and too many times are never even mentioned or taken in serious consideration. I remind you that gun safety is a matter that belongs to everybody, not just gun owners. Even if you do not own a gun, just knowing these safety rules you may be the person who can save an innocent life or warn and educate somebody else.

1) Falling Guns: They are just guns, let them fall.

Yes, like every object, a gun will follow the law of gravity. If it is not held correctly, it may slide off your sweaty or tired hands.

It can happen. It should not, but, hey, we are human.

If the gun falls out of your hands, just LET IT FALL on the ground. Do not attempt to catch it. I understand some gun owners would rather fall in a ditch themselves rather than see their brand new handgun facing a scratch or a dent. Remember, the gun is just an object and your life or the life of an innocent is more important.

Right? What happens if a gun is falling off your hands and you try to catch it? Just imagine a barrel pointed at your face while you try to catch the gun and probably have your finger touching the trigger, and BANG!

Too many people have died or injured themselves or innocents while trying to catch guns falling out of their hands. Please, if the gun is falling, just let it fall. It will not shoot even if there is not external safety. All the modern guns have one or more internal safeties. If that gun is too precious for you, leave it in the safe and carry another gun that you are not so emotionally attached to. The gun is just a tool.

2) Holster your gun ... SLOWLY

One of the most dangerous moments of handling a handgun, besides the presentation from the holster, is the moment you holster it. I have seen too many people literally slamming their gun into their holster without realizing the potential dangers.

How can it be bad? The trigger may get trapped in part of your garment. Imagine the consequences when you reinsert your handgun into your holster. Always do it slowly, almost like a cowboy movie after the duel and the winner looks around and slooowly inserts his gun back into the holster while scanning his surroundings.

You should mentally count 1001, 1002, 1003 ... and insert your your safely into your holster. Always be sure your finger is off the trigger while you perform this operation.

3) Eyes and Ears protection

In a self-defense situation you may not be able to wear eye and ear protection since things could happen way too fast, but every time you train at the range, you must always wear them.

Imagine just a small fragment of a bullet hitting one of your eyes. Also, shooting a firearm without ear protection can have devastating consequences on your hearing. It could potentially destroy your ear drum and even make you even bleed, especially if you shoot indoors.

There are several solutions for your ear protection: The most economical is less than 50 cents for a set of foam earplugs. I always carry a pair with me, even when I go out in my regular day. If I have the chance to see potential trouble coming, I can prepare myself. (Imagine you are inside a car driving and somebody tries to carjack you, these 50 cents plugs could be priceless.)

Second choice is the passive headset or mufflers that go for about $10 or so. They are just regular headset protection. They protect your ears, but they also limit your capabilities in hearing important range commands or potential threats.

At the range there can be a safety problem, but in a house in case of self defense can be even worse. You may not hear the potential home invaders movements or noises. Best solution: Electronic Amplified Ear Protection. While they amplify your hearing with normal sounds, they will shut down and protect your ears when a loud noise happens suddenly like the loud bang of a firearm. You can find them starting around $30 and up.

To conclude Part 2 of Gun safety Rules: Remember with freedom comes responsibility. We are liable civilly and criminally for every bullet coming out of the barrel of our guns. There are no accidental discharges, but only negligent discharges.

I invite you to any of my Free Gun Safety Classes that I teach around Mohave County. For more information, go to

In my article,we will complete the gun safety rules.

Until then, be responsible, be safe, be armed, but remember, you are a weapon and the gun is just an extension of your brain.