Public concerned on how, when Kingman Airport Authority, City Council workshops take place

Parked planes at Kingman Airport.


Parked planes at Kingman Airport.

KINGMAN – Locals are pleading for more attendance and representation at the Kingman City Council’s meetings with the Kingman Airport Authority.

The first of the workshops is scheduled to take place today with the following three workshops scheduled for June 15, July 27 and August 17. All workshops are set to start at noon and will be held at the Hualapai Campus of KRMC, located at 3601 Santa Rosa Dr.

Public concern was brought to the City Council’s attention at the council meeting Tuesday evening. Concerns mainly revolved around the idea that the public is allowed to attend, however, they are not allowed to voice comments.

The agenda for the workshop states that “public comment is not provided for on the agenda and may be made only as approved by consensus of the Council.” The concern for the lack of time devoted to public comments is based on the idea that the airport is owned by the city, and citizens should have a say as to how it is managed.

“It’s our airport, and we should have the opportunity to put in our thoughts and ideas about what we all want to see happen at the airport,” Councilwoman Jamie Scott Stehly has stated.

If no public comments are allowed, as one citizen questioned, “Why is the public invited?” This is a question that much of the public has been asking.

“If at least people show up and show that there’s an interest and that there’s community support for improvement, I think that says a lot, according to Scott Stehly.

However, there is another concern that has been raised that involves the public’s attendance.

Each of the four workshops are scheduled for Thursdays at noon. This has brought concern for attendance by people who would like to attend the meeting, but because of the time it takes place, will not due to work. This was brought to the attention of the City Council at Tuesday’s meeting, but as of now, no rescheduling has taken place.

“Start them later in the day, going into the evening such as your council meetings. Where people may not be able to attend the entire meeting, but at least can attend a portion of the meeting. If not, offer live streaming,” one citizen recommended.

At a Kingman Progressive Alliance meeting held on Monday, local businessman and aviation enthusiast Paul Gaines recommended writing a letter expressing interest and concerns to the City Council, if you cannot make the workshop. Gaines also stated you can take it one step further and post comments on the council members’ Facebook pages.

Information for each council member can be found on the city website at