Letter | Worthless City Council

It was bad enough that the comedians, aka the Kingman City Council, did not renew the contract with the good city manager we had (they can't stand someone who actually knows what he is doing and disagrees with their stupid ideas), but now it is going to cost us (the citizens who pay all the taxes the city can think up) $25,000 for a recruitment firm to find the next city manager.

Really? Are we going to borrow the money from Diane Richards?

The city comedians hit us with a bigger sales tax recently so they can spend more to again study two new interchanges. They think they are going to bring in stores for a mall. What part of malls are dying out and big stores like Penneys, Macys, Sears, Dillards, etc., are going under don't they understand?

We need a Costco and a Target right now. What are the city comedians doing to woo them? Nothing.

Not only do we have a second Mayor Monica Gates fiasco, we have an entirely worthless City Council. If we survive them without going totally broke will we vote in a better mayor and City Council next time?

Sandee Samoka