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8:27 PM Mon, Oct. 15th

Letter | Ralph Hill: Local terrorists? As Board of Supervisors?

I am surprised that in a 3-2 vote, three of the county’s elected officials seem to think a domestic terrorist who got himself killed in a felony seizure of federal property in another state is deserving of honor in a road being named on his behalf.

This makes me wonder about something that occurred a few years ago.

A rogue Minuteman in a home invasion robbery south of Tucson was wounded with his companion, a female rogue Minuteman member. Both sit on death row in Arizona today, but the one wounded fled to Mohave County for aid and comfort.

They murdered a little 9-year-old girl and her father, wounded the mother and wife who fired back and wounding the cowardly child killer. They both fled, but why did the one flee to Mohave County?

Add to this Timothy McVeigh, now deceased, executed on death row for a massive domestic terrorist bombing in Oklahoma City.

He had a bunker in this county with his pal Terry Nichols.

Will these three elected officials name some roads after them, too?

I really wonder what motivated this.

Do we have a nest of domestic terrorists in office?