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9:16 AM Mon, Oct. 22nd

Father, daughters enjoy successful outdoor adventures in Unit 10

Rink Gordon at his daughter Talyn with the elk that the young hunter got on a recent Juniors Only elk hunt in Unit 10. (Photo special to the Miner)

Rink Gordon at his daughter Talyn with the elk that the young hunter got on a recent Juniors Only elk hunt in Unit 10. (Photo special to the Miner)

Over the many years that I have been writing stories in The Daily Miner, it is always a pleasure to write about the outdoor adventures of young people in our community. This week I have the pleasure of sharing with you the special time between a father and his daughter who were on a recent antlerless elk in Unit 10.

Rink Gordon is a lifetime resident of Kingman and is a captain for the City of Kingman Fire Department. He also is an instructor at Mohave Community College where he teaches EMT classes and assists teaching fire academy classes when they are offered.

Rink has brought up his three daughters, 18-year-old Taylor, 14-year-old Talyn and 11-year-old Aubrey to be involved with him in the great outdoors. All are graduates of the Hunter Education program.

In 2016, both Taylor and Talyn drew antlerless elk tags. Talyn scored first, taking an elk on opening day of the hunt while Taylor harvested her cow on the last day of the juniors’ elk hunt. Rink was at their sides when they both got their elk.

This year it was Talyn’s turn to draw one of the 100 juniors’ elk tags offered in Unit 10.

On opening day Talyn was again hunting with her dad, sister Aubrey and Rink’s friends Fred Moore, Gene Keller and Kelly Johnson. They weren’t able to find any elk in the morning, but in the evening Talyn got a shot, but missed the mark.

Saturday morning the hunters were back in the same area, and the same group of elk they had seen before were relocated, but the young hunter was unable to get a shot. Saturday evening, despite some intense glassing, no elk were seen. The next morning the hunter’s found another group of elk, but like before Talyn was unable to get a shot. Sunday evening Rink decided to try another area, and despite seeing lots of sign, no elk were seen.

Now with school being the priority of the young hunter, she would have just one more day -- the last day of the hunt -- to try and fill her tag.

Rink decided to try a new location but it was after midnight Wednesday before they got to camp.

In the camp was a friend of Rink’s who was going on his antlerless elk hunt in a few days. His name was Tom Sichi, a doctor who lives in California. He graciously agreed to assist the father/daughter duo on the last day of Talyn’s hunt.

It was going to be a long day for the trio, but upon arriving in the new area Rink glassed up a small group of elk. The wind seemed good, so Rink and Talyn headed out on a stalk. Conditions changed and the elk slipped into some trees.

More elk, which ended up numbering about 40, were spotted about 600 yards away. Despite their efforts, Rink and his daughter were unable to get close enough for a shot at this group. It was a long walk to the truck, and the group decided to take a break and eat lunch.

During lunch, Rink decided to do some more glassing, even though it was midday. Lady Luck smiled when he located a group of 10 elk. Problem was they were almost 2 miles away.

With Dr. Sichi keeping an eye on the elk, Rink and his daughter headed off.

It was along hike, but eventually the pair got to within 220 yards of a pair of the elk.

The elk were moving, but Rink used a cow call to bring them back into view. Talyn fired a shot from her 7mm-08 rifle and the elk, though mortally wounded, moved off. A second shot and the cow dropped. It was 2:30 p.m. when the elk went down.

With just 2 1/2 hours remaining in the season, the young hunter had answered the challenge.

But as they pair stood over the huge cow, Talyn said something to her dad that shocked him.

“Dad, I want a bull. From now on no more juniors’ hunts or cow hunts!”

Seems like this young lady is ready to move the bar for her hunting career.