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4:04 AM Mon, Dec. 17th

Letter | Herberta Schroeder: Let Your Voice be Heard at City Council

The City Manager John Dougherty was chosen to run the City by a City Council of Kingman. He has good reviews and rapport with both employees and citizens. 

This current council seems to be the only problem he has had.  The only bad review came from them. He had asked for a raise at last year’s contract. They gave him part of what he asked for. As a city manager, the average pay in cities our size is $152,000 before benefits. Dougherty makes under $130,000. He has been instrumental in the changes for the better in our city. 

We have art work that was donated to the city. We kept our parks operating. He worked to bring us the Electric Vehicle Museum. He has spent his own time and money to go to every event Kingman has had that he can get to (obviously he can’t be at two places at once). His door is always open. He values people’s opinions. He lets them talk, then acts if appropriate. I think the council is short sighted.   

Show you support all of his hard work by attending the council meeting Tuesday held at Mohave County Supervisor’s Auditorium. 

Look for the Camel Mailbox at Antares Art Gallery at 416 Route 66, and turn right into the county parking lot. It is through the main doors and to the left, if you have not been there before. 

It starts at 5:30 p.m. If you wish to speak at the call to the public, fill out the form either before the meeting or at City Hall by 4:45 p.m. Tuesday.

Let’s show them that the citizens are their boss and they need to hear us.  They are not doing so great on that front.

I would list more of City Manager Dougherty’s accomplishments, but I am out of time and space.