County Corner | Sheriff Doug Schuster gives an update on his department

Hello Mohave County,

Sheriff Doug Schuster here with the latest edition of the Mohave County Corner.

I would like to start by updating you on the status of your Sheriff’s Office. I took office in January of this year. I came in with a list of goals that I wished to accomplish during this term. These goals revolve solely around providing top notch law enforcement and public safety services to all citizens of Mohave County.

It was and continues to be very important to myself and my staff to work together with the good citizens of Mohave County. There will always be those who reject or impugn law enforcement but I believe this is a very low number here in Mohave County. We are changing the culture through positive interaction and community involvement. Each week I receive numerous letters of appreciation for the actions and demeanor of our deputies. This is a great way for me to gauge our progress and ensure that we are acting professionally and courteously at all times.

We have also been very successful at recruiting citizen volunteers to assist throughout the county. Our volunteers work hand in hand with our staff and perform vital duties that would otherwise require a deputy to respond. This frees up our deputies to spend more time on criminal investigations and self-initiated police work and helps to reduce overall response times. We currently have volunteers assisting with clerical work, dispatch, patrol activities and boating safety. I am very proud of these men and women and feel honored and humbled that they are willing to donate their time for the betterment of their communities.

Over the past several months we have been finalizing our game plan to add K-9’s to our office. These K-9’s and their handlers are currently in New Mexico for training and effective Oct. 25, four new K-9’s will hit the streets. This will make a total of five K-9 units available in Mohave County. These dogs will be available to assist any law enforcement agency in the county if needed. We are very fortunate that we were able to purchase and train these dogs with 100 percent donated funds. In fact, we continue to rely on local donations to fund the program and if you would like to contribute please contact or stop by your local Sheriff’s office.

We continue to aggressively pursue and enforce criminal activity. We have made numerous drug related cases and are making every effort to clean up our streets. We are seeing a marked increase in opiate use and sales here in Mohave County. This is something we are aggressively combating and will continue to do so until this dangerous epidemic is neutralized. I will be submitting an article in the near future to discuss this at length and keep you informed.

Overall we have made tremendous strides in a rather short amount of time. I am focused on continuing to move forward in a positive direction. It is my job to serve you at the highest of levels and keep secure your God given rights under the Constitution. My staff and I will continue to work diligently to fight crime and do everything within our power to ensure that Mohave County is a safe place to live.

Be safe and enjoy the Holiday Season!

Sheriff Doug Schuster