ADOT gets its 200,000 Twitter follower

PHOENIX – With 200,000 followers and counting, ADOT’s Twitter account is engaging Arizona motorists with critical information and the lighter side of traffic news.

Whether it’s communicating with travelers during a freeway closure or pointing out that a chair obstructing traffic looks like it once belonged to Archie Bunker, the Arizona Department of Transportation is tweeting to you every day and night.

Since @ArizonaDOT launched in 2008, more and more Arizonans have turned there to get answers and to share information, making it the most-followed state government Twitter handle in Arizona.

“Twitter is one of the most visible ways ADOT makes transportation personal for Arizonans, giving everyone the chance to tweet a quick question and get a quick answer, often delivered with a dash of humor,” said Kevin Biesty, the agency’s deputy director for policy.

“Topping 200,000 followers is confirmation that we’re engaging people at an individual level, and it inspires us to do even more.”

Five years ago, ADOT stationed public information officers at its Traffic Operations Center to use Twitter and other communication channels to share traffic conditions, answer questions and get motorist feedback,

The follower count has grown exponentially as drivers seek real-time updates, detour information, answers to Motor Vehicle Division questions, safety tips, tweets showing edgy freeway signs and the occasional photo of a dog being rescued from a freeway.

To date, those public information officers have sent more than 142,000 tweets. The most humorous tweet: L-101 SB near Indian School: Archie Bunker’s chair is partially obstructing the two right lanes.

ADOT continues looking for the latest ways to engage motorists, and even more is on the horizon. What will that be? Stay tuned to @ArizonaDOT.