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8:44 PM Wed, Dec. 12th

Mohave County supervisor ponders legal action against Havasu GOP group

Hildy Angius


Hildy Angius

KINGMAN – A Mohave County supervisor said she’s considering her legal options following the publication of the Lake Havasu Republican Women’s October newsletter.

Allegations have been leveled by Mohave County Supervisor Hildy Angius that members of the Havasu Republican group committed an act of libel in their October newsletter. In response, Angius said she is exploring her legal options.

“In my opinion this club has been used to settle political scores,” Angius said. “They went after Steve Moss and now without Steve on the Board of Supervisors, they are going after me.”

The purpose of a federated Republican women’s club, Angius said, is to promote the party’s values and candidates.

“It’s not to become a forum for your own personal platform,” Angius said. “The fact is they were using my name. They don’t like me for whatever reason, but it got to a point that they were saying things that were false.”

Angius said she believes she can sue the federation.

“I love the federation and I told its president, who is somebody I know and care about, that I have to explore my legal options because they are slandering me,” Angius added.

Slander is the action of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person’s reputation, while libel is the written version.

Lake Havasu Republican Women’s President and former state senator Sue Donahue said Angius has never liked the LHRW.

“She’s threatened this lawsuit over an opinion article where her name wasn’t even mentioned,” Donahue. “The article has a disclaimer that pointed out it was a personal opinion. People have the right to print something as long as it’s factual.”

The article, “Behind Closed Doors: The making of a County Supervisor” centered on the process that led to the appointment of Lois Wakimoto to the District 5 seat to the Mohave County Board of Supervisors in September.

The Today’s News-Herald has obtained a copy of the newsletter, written by Sarah Hall – Supervisor Buster Johnson’s administrative assistant – which does not single Angius out.

“We have a major problem in Mohave County and (it’s) a good-old boy and girls club that thinks they are not only above the voters who voted them in, but that they are above the law,” Hall wrote. “I firmly believe that the Board of Supervisors broke the open meeting law by having (candidate) interviews … behind closed doors … what is happening behind closed doors makes me sick, and honestly makes me question the entire political process in the county.”

“Her name isn’t even mentioned, so is she guilty?” Donahue said. “She is offended because somebody decided to call a spade a spade.”

Donahue said she is not intimidated by the threat of a lawsuit, but has offered an olive branch to mend bad feelings.

“I brought this to our club’s attention that a lawsuit was threatened,” Donahue said. “I asked for a vote because that is the right thing to do … and my members voted (Angius) had the right to (submit) a rebuttal to our article that we would publish next month, but she’s not yet contacted me if she is interested in this opportunity.”