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9:19 AM Wed, Oct. 17th

Kingman Academy moved to 3A West Region

Kingman Academy may be facing a move from 2A to 3A West Region for 2018-2020.

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Kingman Academy may be facing a move from 2A to 3A West Region for 2018-2020.

KINGMAN – Athletic teams at Kingman Academy High School are making a move.

While the decision is still pending an appeal, the Tigers are set to play in the 3A West Region for 2018-2020.

“I’m probably going to appeal,” said Academy athletic director Michael Perrine. “We really liked being 2A. I thought as far as competitive equity goes, that’s where we belong – number-wise, competitive-wise. 3A has some pretty large schools in there.”

The Academy’s enrollment is 402 students, compared to the largest school in 3A being Kingman High at 904 students. 2A Central’s Paradise Honors and 3A Metro’s North Pointe Prep were also moved to 3A West, joining current members Chino Valley, Kingman, Northwest Christian, River Valley and Wickenburg.

“We would be the smallest school in 3A West by at least 40 kids comparing us to Northwest Christian and Norte Pointe Prep,” Perrine said.

Northwest Christian has 445 students, while Norte Pointe has 484. The Academy and those two schools are the only three with an enrollment less than 500.

The appeal isn’t a guarantee and Perrine is well aware that the Academy might not win it.

“I figure going into the appeals process again is probably going to be a long shot,” he said. “If we can get bumped into 2A then, that would be awesome. That’s where we want to be.”

However, Perrine brought up the fact that the Academy has faced this situation once before.

“We were really happy the last time that we won the appeal,” he said. “I figured it was going to be a long shot then to get into 2A and it worked out.”

If the appeal doesn’t work out, Perrine knows that the Tigers still have what it takes to battle their new opponents. Nevertheless, the Academy’s enrollment difference is the biggest issue.

“We’ve held our own and been competitive against some of the schools that are in 3A West Region next year,” Perrine said. “But when you start looking at some of those higher numbers – even adding a hundred kids, that’s a larger of a depth pool to pull from. As far as athletes go and different things.”

At the end of the day, Perrine knows the Academy has to be prepared for anything.

“We’re going to put in our appeal and we’re hoping for the best,” he said. “If not, we’ll be in 3A West next year. There’s really nothing else we can do about it.”

On a side note, Lee Williams High School athletic director Jacob Iodence said the Vols don’t plan to appeal their spot in the 4A Grand Canyon Region. He did add that they have until Tuesday to decide.