Letter | In response to the letter from David & Jessica Walker

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Good luck with getting people to slow down and obey the traffic signs.

I have been complaining about the same thing for over five years, now only to be told that this is Kingman and that people do what they want no matter what the laws are. I have asked and asked the police to please come and pass out tickets to the people who run though the stop sign on our corner at 40-plus miles an hour (in a 25 zone), but all I ever got back from them is, “we’ll send a couple of extra patrols a day over in that area.”

That lasted all of one day and one police car drove through.

I am sure that one of these days you will come to realize that if the cops don’t suspect the speeder of having drugs or being drunk, they just don’t care how recklessly people drive.

Sue Kracker