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8:35 PM Tue, Oct. 23rd

Rants & Raves | September 3, 2017

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story please mention the headline.

Diane Richards

Wow, really? Just a slap on the wrist. Again. Five years for all that money she stole? Not including the trust she broke of the people she was suppose to be serving. Sad that our local government just doesn’t care.

Arpaio Pardon

Whether you are a fan of Joe Arpaio or not, who goes to jail for their first conviction of anything? Especially a Class-3 misdemeanor. Justice has been served and the people need to move on.

Diane Richards

This case was a slam dunk for the city, but they aren’t taking it to trial. They can spend millions on freeway exits to nowhere but they can’t put this embezzler away for good. What city official is protecting her?

Suspicious fire

If two firefighters show up and two trucks and no fire hydrant within four blocks and you lived next door to the fire, would you complain? How about we raise taxes and put more water lines in for fire hydrants.

Black Bridge Brewery

I used to go to Black Bridge back in the late ‘70s! Always had a good time and people were civil.

Nice to see this entrepreneur keeping the tradition alive! Best of luck to him!

County Road Work

The mountains next to Route 66 from Hackberry to Crozier Canyon need help. Every storm brings more of the sheer cliffs down. One of these days, the rock slide will be so huge it’ll hit and kill some unsuspecting driver.


Trump pardoned Joe A, criminally convicted for violating a judge’s lawful order.

Maybe Trump will pardon the Kingman City councilmember’s DUI?

AZ Red Cross helps Hurricane Harvey victims

Been up all night reading Twitter and other posts as children and others are dying by the minute, people up to their necks literally, pleading for immediate help, calls to rescuing agencies go unanswered. Absolutely wrenching.

Letter: Unity after Harvey

Uh, Ms. Gabriel-Dane? That’s “One Nation, Under GOD!” Not a flag.

Donna Brooks

Donna, you were a strong loving woman who gave those who knew you so much! You will not be forgotten.

What Trump says . . .

What Durst says – Republicans are not to be belived no matter what.

What Durst means – Always resist even if it is detrimental to the country.

Trashed properties

County employees are first in line for pay raises and benefits, but work? No thanks, tried that ... didn’t like it!