Letter | Linda Varon: Acknowledgement Is the First Step, Next Is to Help Addicts

I am hopeful that Kingman will receive the additional help we need to assist those who are addicted to opioids, meth, or heroin. Just the fact that the state of Arizona acknowledges that these problems exist is a step in the right direction. Perhaps now is also a good time to admit marijuana needs to be available to everyone who needs it!

Those who receive AHCCCS insurance are not covered for it, and most certainly cannot afford the license to purchase it. Do you see the problem here? Are there still so many among us who throw marijuana into the same bowl as the other “drugs?” (No pun intended)

I do not partake in the use of marijuana, but I can assure you if I had chronic pain it would be the first option for me. Shame on the people in our state who refuse to allow marijuana use across the board. People who do not have medical cards, and I am sure there are many, must live in constant fear of ending up in jail. Do you see the absurdity in this?

Imagine for just a moment that you are an elderly person, living on social security perhaps. Marijuana is the only thing that relieves the pain of your autoimmune disease. Your doctor tells you he can only offer you pain pills and cannot promise he can do anymore than a few months at a time. Maybe he is a little nervous now about overprescribing opiates.

Just maybe you know someone who has marijuana and might be willing to sell you some to help you out. Both you and your friend could easily end up in jail. What a sad turn of events this hypothetical situation could be.

Come on Arizona. It is time to wake up and smell the herb.