Letter | Carol Solper: Keep the Old Courthouse Old

The City Council is always trying to find ways to get money to balance the budget. The following comment is for the City Council and the committee to restore the downtown area.

How about opening up the old courthouse for tourists?

Hopefully, all that would be needed would be to remodel the bathrooms and maybe other things for the handicapped and of course, cleaning. Maybe volunteers would help with the cleaning.

If there other requirements needed, why not use some of the money that they want to use for a new courthouse? Building a new courthouse could be put off for a while. Whatever money would come from the courthouse attraction, could go to the building of the new courthouse.

Tourists would spend money elsewhere in the downtown area and that of course would improve the economy as well.

Don’t remodel the old courthouse. Let it be old and interesting. Prescott has their main anchor, the courthouse, in their downtown area and lots of people go there.

Think about having an admission fee, one for families and one for others. Make it cheap enough that tourists will be interested in seeing the old courthouse, because the price is so reasonable. Later, when the word gets out that is something to see, raise the fee. The downtown area is definitely improving, but, we still need a main attraction.

I think touring an old courthouse could be it. I called a “City Mother” of the downtown restoration committee and talked to her about my ideas. She said she would mention it to the committee and get back to me. That was three weeks ago and I have not gotten a reply and have read nothing about it in the Daily Miner.

Are they really serious about rejuvenating the downtown area? She mentioned that at the meetings a lot of ideas get mentioned, but no one takes action and actually pursues them, because they are all pretty busy working and raising their families.

I sure can understand that they have very limited extra time for the downtown beautification project. Having been in their shoes, I know it’s difficult to belong to organizations. That being the case, maybe it’s time to establish another committee that can devote more time to improve the downtown area because the current committee is getting nowhere.

Maybe, a few retired citizens could join the committee to lend a hand. It’s time to make some changes.