Mohave County Supervisors’ approval saves 3 horses

KINGMAN – Mohave County supervisors saved three horses Tuesday with their decision to rezone a property at Adams Street and Sierra Vista Avenue from single-family residential to agricultural residential, overturning the planning commission’s recommendation for denial.

Next, they may be asked to save Levi, the donkey who’s been cited by county officials for residing on commercial property in Golden Valley.

Five letters were written to the board in opposition to rezoning the parcel owned by Albert and Lauren Cuen, but they were not against the horses, Realtor Lori Chambers said.

All of the surrounding parcels are horse properties, and they thought the horses were already allowed, she said.

Several residents spoke to the board in favor of the rezone, commenting on how clean the horses were kept and the absence of flies.

“I’ve been there and horses are all over,” Supervisor Gary Watson said. “It follows logic (to rezone).”

Tim Walsh, development services director, said the property was once zoned agricultural residential to allow for horses, but at some point several properties in the area were rezoned single-family residential with a 20,000-square-foot minimum lot.

The subject property is 1.17 acres, and Walsh said his staff would recommend approval. The vote was 5-0.

During the call to the public for matters not on the agenda, two people spoke about the donkey that’s lived on the Golden Valley property off Highway 68 for at least 10 years, and now has become an issue after a zoning official drove by and saw Levi, the donkey.

One speaker said the owner had lost her husband and son. “Don’t take the donkey,” she said.

Other action by the board:

Voted 5-0 to amend the Mohave County general plan and Desert Hills area plan from medium density residential to medium density residential and general commercial in the Lake Havasu vicinity.

Voted 5-0 to rezone a parcel from commercial recreation to single-family residential and commercial highway to allow for a proposed subdivision in the Lake Havasu area.

Voted 5-0 to rezone a parcel from agricultural residential to commercial manufacturing to allow for open and enclosed storage of a boat, automobile and RV in the Golden Valley area (west of Kirkland Road and south of Highway 68).

Voted 5-0 to reconsider an amendment to the Mohave County general plan and Virgin River area plan from neighborhood commercial land use designation to general commercial in the Beaver Dam vicinity.

Voted 5-0 to reconsider rezone from agricultural residential to commercial to allow for an RV park in the Beaver Dam vicinity on the above property.