Letter | Julia Ostberg: I Hope

You hit the road from this small town

And left your childhood behind

And I hope you search until you’ve found

Everything you hoped to find.

I hope that you fill up your mind

With all the knowledge it can hold

And that you’re never lost or blind

Your forward path shines bright like gold.

I hope that you find pride and joy

Until the day you breathe your last

And grief and hatred never annoy

And life’s sweet moments don’t go too fast.

I hope you get the chance to do

Everything that you’ve dreamed of

And that your heart is pure and true

And you find a girl to love.

I hope you learn to forgive and forget

And sometimes take a relaxing bath

And live a full life with no regrets

And don’t forget to stop and laugh.

I hope you make your time here count

And give the world something only you can

And by the time the sand runs out

You’ve done your part in the bigger plan.

I hope on Sundays you go to church

Where the Holy Spirit dwells

And find restoration when your heart hurts

By drinking deeply from living wells.

I hope you don’t give up on faith

Even in the times of pain

And that when tears stream down your face

You hold out til life is good again.

I hope that in the world out there

You don’t forget where you came from

And that when life’s too hard to bear

You know there’s a place you’ll always belong.

I hope you know you have a place

To run to if you feel alone

No matter how long or far away

You can always come on home.

I hope you don’t forget about me

Wherever you may wander and roam

And that someday we may meet

Before the Lord God calls us home.