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11:10 AM Sat, Dec. 15th

County Corner | Clearing up Property Tax Statements

Greetings Mohave County. Thank you to Kristi Blair, Mohave County Recorder, for August’s County’s Corner highlighting vital voter and election information.

The Mohave County Treasurer’s Office (Treasury) will mail Calendar Year 2017 Property Tax Statements to Mohave County taxpayers in September. This is the 4th year eNoticesOnline (the fastest, least costly and most efficient way to receive your Property Tax Statements) have been available. More information available at>>> Services>>> All Property TaxData.

In this article, I will clarify property tax statements intent for those who seek to understand how they relate to several critical services provided to the county by the treasury.

Additionally, I will highlight some common reasons property tax payments could be returned and explain how this can be avoided.

Property tax statements show the tax value of your property (assessed value as determined by the county assessor), the portion of local government that is charging the taxes, and the property taxes due. The county assessor has produced a very informative pamphlet, titled “Understanding Arizona Property Taxes” which explains property taxes in detail and is available on the county website.

It is important to understand who determines tax rates. Your tax statement includes different tax rates from multiple taxing districts and authorities such as cities, counties, schools, fire departments, water authorities, etc. These taxing districts and authorities use various levied tax rates that the treasury uses when calculating your total tax levy (multiplied by your assessed limited property value). Your property tax statement includes contact phone numbers for each of the authorities that receive your tax dollars. These taxing districts and authorities can explain how the amounts were determined and how your tax dollars will be used. One of the many treasury duties is to facilitate the collection and transfer of money from you, the taxpayer, to the taxing authorities from whom you receive services.

The treasury also serves as the bank for Mohave County. Acting as the bank, my office accepts and processes deposits for the various departments and districts within the county. Taxes collected (as described above) are distributed to each applicable district on a daily basis. Distributing these monies on a daily basis greatly aids the districts by ensuring funds are available as soon as possible in order to maintain services and support operations for all county residents. This is why it is so important for the county to receive property taxes in a timely manner. In a worst-case scenario, high delinquency rates have the potential to affect the availability of some county services. Finally yet importantly, several common issues can prevent the treasury from processing your payments (possibly resulting in interest and late fees).

• The County Assessor’s Office maintains current property owner addresses. It is each taxpayer’s responsibility to maintain a current address with the County Assessor’s Office. It is critical that addresses of record are accurate and up-to-date. Having an incorrect or out-of-date address can result in you not receiving a property tax statement in a timely manner (or at all). You can update your address using the “Online Address Change” option on the assessor’s website at

Departments > Assessor > Online Address Change.

• The treasury processes payments electronically utilizing sophisticated processing software. When payment stubs are missing, altered, from a prior year or have documents attached to them, they are rejected. This may lead to lengthy researching time during busy tax months and eventual return of the payment to the taxpayer.

• If you pay your taxes using your own online banking “Bill Pay” service, be sure to set up a separate bill pay payee for each parcel. Our processing system is limited to accept only one account number per payee, as listed on your property tax statement.

Potential Solutions:

Please read the directions on your statement carefully, and please follow all instructions when submitting payments.

• Pay property taxes online at>>> Services >>> All Property TaxData

• Sign up for eNoticesOnline using the Authorization Code on your property tax statement.

• For a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s), or to submit an electronic request for information, please feel free to visit us online at, at your County Administration Building at 700 W. Beale Street in Kingman, or give us a call at 928-753-0737.

Thank you for helping us to best serve you, and look forward to next month’s article from Sheriff Doug Schuster.