Letter | Robert Green: My letter to the RNC ...

I received my letter from “Melania Trump,” the latest in the stream of letters to get more donations from me. Even though I am a struggling senior citizen and still need to work to keep afloat at 68 years old and pay more taxes that I feel is fair, I still donated to the RNC and directly to the Trump Campaign prior to the election. I am grateful that the now President Trump won the race and am grateful that Hillary is not Mrs. President. However, regarding the deluge of mail from the RNC and the supposed letters from President Trump or the First Lady, I am not seeing a clear view of progress. I hear all the rhetoric from both the Republicans and Democrats that block progress and there is so much rhetoric it is difficult to see from the real citizen’s side of this “where is the progress on the campaign promises.” Working on or meeting to discuss meeting the goals is “not” meeting the goals. Here is what I would like to see that will provide a clear view of progress:

For each campaign promise, be honest. Develop a chart that shows all the promises including jobs, health care, the wall, immigration reform, and tax reform to name a few, where are we on succeeding. Zero percent to 100 percent. That is, health care reform = 0 percent (regardless of the excuses or reasons). What is the progress? What is the progress on jobs and bringing them back? What is the target number of jobs we want to bring back and how many have actually occurred? I am sure that the college grad aids can develop a clear plan given the opportunity because I know that I could do it. They just have to want us to actually know the truth.

Until these things are clear and truthful (because we are not as sheepishly dumb as the politicians think), I cannot donate any more of my money. My insurance is too high, my taxes are too high and as a baby boomer with a future of less earnings, I can only afford to put money where I feel it will benefit my heirs. If the administration will clearly tell us where the progress is and how this will affect myself and my heirs, I will again donate if the news is in the positive direction. Until then, I just can’t do it.