Letter | After Harvey

Hurricane Harvey was a massive disaster!

I watched the general who was so pivotal in Katrina being asked on what is happening, and he was less than complimentary. He said it was a mess as to the state and federal response, the truth will be known when those flooded houses are searched and we get a total death count.

The Governor of Texas ought to have ordered an evacuation in the path of the storm. Much ado was made of the mayor of Houston not doing so, but a mayor can only order city evacuation, he cannot order state or federal four-lane highway pattern changes one way away from storm. Only a governor can activate the National Guard, ask for FEMA assistance, ask for the 5th Army to be called in to supplement the overwhelmed state guard. When a state is depending on citizen volunteers from other states, one is not using all available resources.

This governor will, in post-hurricane analysis, be found lacking.

The Trump photo-op congratulating all his underlings, not seeing one single victim citizen is not surprising, typical for him.

How can a man raised with that silver spoon in his mouth since birth relate to us common folk?

I know his fans bought his common man thing, but he is not fooling me.

Ralph Hill