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2:49 AM Wed, Feb. 20th

Column | Zipping around the fair gave memories for a lifetime

This was my first Mohave County Fair, and I have to say, it was quite the experience.

I didn’t go to some of the events, like the hypnotist who was there Friday night, or walk around the exhibits, but I did enjoy the rides and the atmosphere.

My boyfriend and I were at the fair for one purpose and one purpose alone: We wanted to ride the Ferris wheel. With $6, we got our tokens, stood in line for a few minutes, and then realized, we needed eight for both of us to ride.

And that is where our little adventure began.

We tried to scrounge up a single dollar, after I had luckily found a ride token on the ground, so we searched our pockets. I teased him about having left my wallet, which I knew had singles in it, at home because he had told me “you don’t need it.”

Lucky for us, his co-worker was at the fair and had an extra token.

So, a half-hour later, we are standing in line again.

In front of us was a cute family. Two young boys were playing with plastic swords that glowed in the dark amongst the neon lights of the rides, an expectant mother was sipping on some lemonade, two pre-teen boys were running in and out of line asking if they could run off to some other ride and a father was watching the two little ones closely.

At one point, one of the little ones accidentally hit my boyfriend. And him being him, he pretended to have been wounded. The mother, of course, apologized and we laughed it off.

After a few seconds, she turned back to him.

“I know this is really weird, but would one of you guys be willing to go on the Zipper with my son?”

The Zipper is like the Ferris wheel, but flips its occupants around, upside down and all that fun stuff.

She herself couldn’t ride, since she was four months pregnant, his brother wasn’t all that pumped to ride it, her husband was not a huge fan, and he wasn’t allowed to ride by himself. Having come from Bullhead City, and that being the one ride her son really wanted to go on, she was trying to do anything to make his night.

Now, my boyfriend is not a huge fan of flipping upside down, but with a gentle nudge from me, he said he would get on the Zipper. Her son, being the stoic 12-year-old that he was, just said “cool” and went back to standing in line.

Then it was our turn on the Ferris wheel. I looked across the car at my boyfriend and saw him being none-too-pleased about the prospect of flipping around that much. With a begrudging smile, I told him I would take his spot.

And that’s exactly what I did.

Alan, the young man, and I stood in line for less than five minutes, and then the cage door closed in front of us. I asked him “how much do you want to flip?” His response: “As much as possible.”

With a lot of well-timed pushes, we got our car to flip three times, end over end, once twice in a row, and even stalled looking face-first at the ground.

Then, before you know it, the ride was over.

As we climbed out, I blearily made my way to my boyfriend who had my glasses and grinned at Alan’s mother. She thanked us about a million times, to which we both promptly responded it was no big deal and wished them a wonderful rest of their fair festivities.

It wasn’t until later that my boyfriend told me I had made that boy’s night. He had apparently gotten off the ride with a smirk on his face, which for a 12-year-old stoic young man is the equivalent of a blinding grin, trying to hide his excitement.

So, even though we had a few moments of misadventure, and even though I didn’t get to see the art exhibits, Friday night at the fair was worth it. Because if we had had those two tokens and gone on the Ferris wheel 30 minutes before we did, one young man wouldn’t have been able to ride the Zipper.

Alan, I hope you had fun and I hope that your county fair experience was awesome.