Letter | The Confederate Krusaders left out of parade

I would like everyone in Kingman to know that potential entries in the Andy Devine Days parade are chosen unfairly and are discriminated against.

I submitted an application on behalf of the Confederate Krusaders to be in the parade – a group of vehicles that would be flying Confederate flags and other flags – peacefully supporting our heritage and history.

I called Parks and Recreation to check on the status of the application and was told that nobody ever gets denied entrance into the parade and that my application was approved.

Then I received a letter from the chairman of the parade committee denying our entry into the parade because we were deemed in violation of “No direct advertising of political, social or moral view points being allowed.” I asked the chairman for an explanation and was ignored.

The Confederate Krusaders have been in the Veterans Day parade multiple times and were well accepted by the same people that will be attending the Andy Devine Days parade. We have also been in several parades in Chloride and received third place in this year’s St. Patrick Days parade.

Current and potential political candidates will be in the parade with their titles and party preferences all over their vehicles, but we’re not allowed in the parade? Something is wrong with this.

The Confederate Krusaders have done nothing but good for this community and this is how we are treated in return. There is nothing right about this.

Linda Youngblood