Gutted dog found in home of Camp Verde man charged with attempted arson

Brian Arthur Reade

Brian Arthur Reade

CAMP VERDE – Brian Arthur Reade, a landlord charged with attempted arson of his own properties and animal cruelty, was absent in Yavapai Superior Court last week. His attorney, Matthew Cochran, said his client was in the hospital.

Judge Michael R. Bluff said he needed documentation of the hospitalization, otherwise the court would consider whether to issue a warrant.

Reade, of Glendale, had missed his previous court appearance for a documented hospital stay.

On Aug. 10, 2016, Camp Verde police responded to a call about a man who was allegedly threatening to burn down a residence and trailer he owned on Ripple Road in Verde Lakes Estates, according to court records.

Police arrived and began questioning the tenant, who was renting the residence from Reade.

Reade, the landlord, came out of his trailer wielding a homemade spear and a bottle with a wick filled with an unknown fluid. Police immediately ordered Reade to drop his weapons, to which he complied.

While questioning Reade, one of the officers entered the trailer to ensure no one else was inside. Reade said he had just returned home from dropping his wife off at the hospital.

The officer questioned Reade about a red gas can in the front of his vehicle. Reade said he had gotten gas for his neighbor.

The officer investigating the trailer returned and immediately put Reade under arrest. In the bathroom of the trailer he found a large dead dog that had been “gutted,” according to court records.

The officer also said the trailer smelled slightly of gas. The other residence was checked for safety and was also found to smell of gas.

Reade was arrested for attempted arson.