Letter | Greg Henderson: It’s the leadership, not the retirees that prevent growth

What Kingman needs more than almost anything is a leadership with much less political backbiting and individual agendas.

John Timco is quoted as saying “that people move to Kingman to retire because of the low cost of living and people on disability come here to live out their life on a government check, that is no help for KRMC, which depends on government-subsidized health care for 80 percent of its patients.”

Well, my oh my, he can speak out of both sides of his mouth and whistle at the same time. Just who does he think brings all those substantial dollars to KRMC? Those very same retirees and people on disability, that’s who.

I ask the good people of Kingman, is there any way we can dispose of the standing smug political crew with their obvious self interest and install new leadership with a true community interest and a modicum of common sense?

No one can possibly believe that one or even two intersections connecting a interstate to city streets is safer for autos than taking a route using Eastern and Louise streets, especially considering the huge increase of semi-truck traffic. Again, common sense is truly lacking.

As for new employers, Kingman has a history of aggressively discouraging new businesses. At the top of the list, I believe, would be new restaurants. The current business owners simply will not tolerate any new competition. Their agendas keep Kingman from growing, not the retirees and those on disability.