Letter | Let them fly

When I was a kid, I remember going to the zoo and thinking how wonderful it was to see all the animals there.

I think so differently today.

Having the condors protected was great to see and those who are helping to preserve them are God’s angels with extended hands.

I saw an eagle fly so close to me on a trip to Oregon that it actually brought a tear to my eye. The majestic flight of this beautiful bird will stay in my memory. Watching it fly so gracefully and with purpose, they actually lock their wings so that they can fly long distances on the wind currents. These endangered species are going to be greatly missed if we don’t take care.

The concrete jungles are threatening to take their space in the name of progress and economic growth. It’s up to us to see that this doesn’t happen.

Protect what was here since the beginning of time. This kind of beauty can’t be duplicated or bought. It can be destroyed by careless thinking such as needing more housing or business ventures that will take up real estate. All in the name of progress.

These beautiful animals can’t survive in our environment. Give them their space. Let them soar with the freedom that is rightly theirs.

If you think that we can do it and not destroy their beauty, take a picture of Arizona’s beautiful sunset with a cement building in it, or maybe you’d prefer a picture going over Coyote Pass and the wind turbines in the landscape of the mountains.

You don’t know what you have til it’s gone.

Sally Morisset

Golden Valley