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3:20 AM Thu, Nov. 15th

Letter | Re: Democrats destroying democracy

One assumes that David Gaither’s ignorant, Jan. 30 letter does not represent the majority of “Kingman Viewpoint.”

He mistakenly asserts that Democrats are destroying our democracy, and Republicans are “taking back power” when GOP has had control of Congress over nine years, and now all three branches of our Federal Government: executive, legislative, and Supreme Court (by right wing or conservative judicial majority appointments). George W. Bush was president for eight years and and Republicans had control for twelve years starting in Clinton’s second term. Also, Republicans successfully sandbagged most of Obama’s programs during his eight years.

As to Democrats pursuing the “socialist” path, Gaither surely does not know what “socialist” means, and that America has been a democratic socialist country for a century and more. Our army, navy and airforce and interstate highways, are owned and operated by the federal government as are the FDIC. Public utilities, fire, some hospitals and police departments are owned and operated by state and municipal governments.

Let’s hope that Kingman residents are more informed than Mr. Gaither.

Mike Lipskin