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9:56 PM Wed, Jan. 16th

Letter | All hands-on cellphone use while driving should be illegal

I support the bill being on the table to ban texting while driving, but also believe it should go further and totally ban hands-on cellphone use while driving.

Cellphone use while driving is extremely distracting and should be illegal and vigorously enforced. Other states have done this and so should Arizona in it's entirety.

There's almost nothing worst then being behind someone one their phone. They are either all over the place or creeping along.

Just the other day, I was behind one on Stockton Hill Road at a light that turned green and had to honk to get the person’s attention that the light had changed

Ban the use of hand-held phones and be done with it. I believe any cellphone use while driving should be illegal, but I know that'll never fly.

Tom Ciardullo

Golden Valley