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12:51 PM Mon, Dec. 10th

Letter | T. Allen: Doesn’t matter one way or the other what kind of nation Founding Fathers wanted

Concerning the issue of our Founding Fathers believing this new country should or should not be a Christian nation: It really doesn’t matter anymore, does it?

Most of us should have learned by now that there really isn’t a God. Through research we have found that down through the ages all Gods have been invented, made up by human beings. This God making started all the way back to the pagans. Yes, pagans had gods, too.

The Sun God was one of their favorites. He made light from darkness, kept the people warm and helped their crops grow. They worshiped the Sun God, believed in him, and by golly, he showed up every day.

As time went on, too many gods were being made up. The God of War, Goddess of Love, Apollo, Zeus, Vulcan, and many more.

In the year 325 A.D., Emperor Constantine became so frustrated with the many different beliefs of different gods and the rules and regulations that went with these beliefs, he made a political decision to narrow it down to one god. He made this decision in order to maintain control over the population. He stuck his finger in the wind and decided on Christianity, and a god for all the people was invented.

This invented God lasted many centuries until the recent past decades.

Scientists have found evidence to show that Christianity is just a fairy tale, a myth that some people still cling to.

So, to continue debating whether or not our Founding Fathers wanted a Christian nation after what science has uncovered is a moot point.