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8:27 AM Thu, Dec. 13th

Letter | Mass shooters get too much publicity

With regard to the shootings, bombings and vehicles used for mowing down innocent people, the media is giving these events way too much publicity.

The psychotics that carry out these heinous crimes do so partly to obtain “fame” – they want their name to go down in history. They want their photo out on the networks and in the papers. They are copycats of previous tragedies.

There should be no names and no photos of the “suspect(s)” or of the building or event where it happened.

The media should be greatly restricted to reporting that a tragedy happened and suspect(s) arrested, killed or committed suicide.

NO MORE. Stop glorifying the tragedy. Stop feeding these mentally disturbed individuals. Allow the families and friends of the victim some peace to grieve in their own ways. How many days do we have to have this on every news outlet? It is not helping to solve the problems, it is exacerbating them.

How many innocent people are killed every day, week, and month in accidents that involved an impaired or distracted vehicle driver or boat pilot, or were just “in the wrong place at the wrong time” when something happened?

The tragedy and loss for the family and friends of those killed is just as great as for those that lost loved ones due to a “mass killing.”

There are no media reports. No “thoughts and prayers” from politicians and local governments.

So we should all send our sympathies to these people as well, remember them in our prayers each and every day.

Yvonne Broadribb

Golden Valley