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7:25 PM Tue, Nov. 13th

Rants & Raves | January 14, 2018

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story please mention the headline.

Hillary Clinton investigation: How many times must the Clinton Foundation be looked at before people accept the fact that they found no wrongdoings when she was running for president. Anything to keep Donald Trump from being looked at for his wrongdoings.

Family of 4 found dead in Arizona cabin from carbon monoxide: Carbon monoxide detectors can easily be purchased online from about $20 to $100 depending on type and quality (Home Depot, Target, Google Store, etc.). Some are plug-in, others battery operated. No need for these tragedies nowadays.

New vehicles that sit idle? There is a KPD Tahoe that’s been sitting idle in Valle Vista for 5 days now. Somebody else could be using that vehicle if he’s on vacation or whatever. Not a very efficient way to spend taxpayers money.

Found explosives: My question is ... was the theft of these items ever reported? Obviously someone that had access to a National Guard Unit or military base.

Vic Riccardi’s “crime”: D.B. Mitchell does it again with a common sense letter. Perhaps he could give some of that common sense to the county attorney.

Oprah: I am sure Oprah is good person. However, her own words about wearing $300 mink eyelashes and adopting her dogs from a breeder are quite enough about her real character.

The Bundys: It’s long past time the Bundy family is free of all charges and long past time the feds give up their land grabs, especially out west. Just another “swamp” that President Trump definitely needs to drain. But he has started.

New opioid law: I was unaware that our governor had a license to practice medicine. Since he does not know me or my pain or situation, he needs to butt out and let licensed physicians do their jobs.