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10:54 PM Tue, Jan. 15th

Letter | Jack Ehrhardt: Elected officials have done nothing to prevent new water drillers

Jack Ehrhardt submitted this photo of one of the water wells drilled near the airport.

Jack Ehrhardt submitted this photo of one of the water wells drilled near the airport.

Standing tall in the brown dry-parched desert is a commercial water-well drilling rig, only two miles from the entrance to the Kingman airport.

It is one of two, and another one is planned even closer to Kingman.

These giant water-sucking wells will go down 1600 feet and have 16-inch casings. Combined, that’s 32 inches in diameter of water sucking capacity.

Take a tape measure and see how huge a water sucking amount that is from our ground water.These two wells are for for-profit agriculture, according to a worker on site.

It is estimated that the Kingman aquifer is separated from the large Hualapai aquifer and is a stand-alone limited-supply water source for our community. Now these monster water wells that have been 20 miles out of town have now marched into our town with nobody stopping them

The Arizona Department of Water Resources has held public meetings on water planning that included input from the public and elected officials. Despite all the talk, no strategic plan for water planning and/or protection has taken place by our elected officials.

They reject the protection that a state Active Management Area status would give us here. Instead, our officials choose to act like deer frozen in headlights while massive water sucking for-profit corporations take what they want because of our elected officials. Globally, efficient hydroponic agriculture is advancing to serve and conserve water, but not here.

While I was parked at the well site, a new truck pulled up and the polished man asked me questions about the area. He represented a large corporate farming company from Yuma, here looking for land.

Our elected officials better pull their heads out of the desert sand or our community will be out of water.