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3:51 PM Wed, Jan. 16th

Letter | Why are women marching?

The Community View regarding the “Women’s March” presented an amusing opinion.

I personally can not understand why options like a women’s march are so vitally important. We have a plethora of choices to pick from regarding solidarity marches. What would the problem be with aiding and merging with the established celebratory parades already in place? Join in with the Fourth of July Parade, Veterans Day celebration or Memorial Day parade to name a few.

If we follow the current trend, soon we will have a White Men’s Parade, a White Women’s Day Parade, a Black Person’s Celebration Day Parade, a Norwegian Heritage Pride Parade; it will never end.

It certainly does not promote a unified front for all Americans. So let’s stop the foolish divisiveness and all join together to make our country stronger, better and a peaceful, tolerant nation. One big peaceful parade, where everyone can showcase their cause, as a community. Peace to all.

Greg Henderson, Kingman resident