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12:19 PM Thu, Nov. 15th

Kingman home and apartment vacancy rate low, competitive

Parkcrest Village Apartments, like many other rentals in Kingman, has vacancies booked before the occupants have even moved out.


Parkcrest Village Apartments, like many other rentals in Kingman, has vacancies booked before the occupants have even moved out.

Finding rental properties in Kingman for both apartments and homes can be a stressful endeavor, even though there are numerous properties, because of the shortage of vacancies and the speed of which they are filled after previous tenants have left.

The property manager at Tivoli Heights Village in Kingman told The Daily Miner that while as of Thursday she had two, three-bedroom apartments available, the apartments tend to go fast. When a vacancy does pop up, she said they are typically filled again within two weeks.

“For us it’s because we’re low-income housing apartments,” she said. “We have here at Tivoli heights 13 different rents for one bedroom, two bedroom and three bedroom apartments.”

Rent isn’t based off of income at the apartment complex, meaning it’s a set rate. However, that set rate does vary depending on income, as that is the deciding factor in what rate applicants qualify for.

“It’s a real challenge here finding the right fit,” she said. “People have to qualify and we have to have certain ones available.”

Parkcrest Village Apartments is not one of the complexes in Kingman that is income restricted, however it is similar to Tivoli Heights in that vacancies don’t last long.

Catherine Rumney, manager at Parkcrest Village Apartments, said there is currently a vacant two-bedroom, two-bath apartment available but that she expects it to be filled almost immediately.

“I’m sure it’ll be booked by Monday,” she said.

In fact, Rumney said vacancies at Parkcrest Village are frequently booked before the current occupants have left the building.

“If you want to move in here, you need to fill out an application a couple months in advance and get it on file and wait for someone to say they’re moving out.”

Re/Max Preferred Professionals in Kingman rents homes and apartments, and broker Helena Baughman said that currently only one house, one duplex and two apartments are available.

“We are seeing the lowest vacancy rates I’ve seen, maybe ever, this past couple months,” Baughman said, noting she has been in the business for almost 25 years.

She noted that recently Re/Max Preferred Professionals is receiving five or six applications on a single home, and that single-family homes in the past 30 days have been rented quicker than the apartments.

“I’ve actually had homes that I have put on Zillow or Trulia that have rented the same day,” Baughman said.

She noted supply and demand has forced rental rates in Kingman over the last couple of months to go up anywhere from $25-75 a month.

“Lately, if they are priced right, they don’t usually sit much longer than, I would say, 14 days.”

With people relocating to Kingman, or looking for homes or apartments with either more or less space than what they currently have, the best option for finding a rental property suitable for the seeker is to start early and be prepared for competition.