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8:56 PM Thu, Feb. 21st

Letter |The issue of Mohave County’s disappearing water

I find it interesting, and at the same time infuriating, to see how the very real issue of our disappearing water is being played out for the public, that is we, the property owners, the taxpayers and residents of Mohave County.

We see and hear news of “studies,” we are invited to address committees, we hear platitudes and lots of promises to “look into it.” We are offered reassurances and soothing words from big developers, who tell us “There is lots of water down there.” We write and call our Senators and Representatives and we wait. And we wait. And the water remaining in our aquifers continues to diminish. And no one is able or willing to change the laws to give us some protection.

Here are a few hard facts about Mohave County’s water supply situation:

• We live in one of the driest counties in our state.

• We know that the water table is falling at a measurable rate.

• There is zero surface water recharge of our aquifers. There are no rivers or creeks at all to put water into the ground.

• What little rainfall we do get comes in too short a time for the soil to absorb it, so it runs down the washes and into the Colorado river.

• The water we are using is ancient, fossil water and we are mining it.

• Once it’s gone it’s gone. There will be no more.

• No one, repeat, no one really knows how much water remains.

•The corporate farms look at Mohave County as a pot of gold with a bunch of helpless old geezers, brain dead meth cookers and dopers and recluses sitting on it.

Most of the politicians and agency heads in Phoenix count voters with their every thought and they see too few voters here in our county to worry about. We are vastly outnumbered by the number of voters in the central part of the state, so our needs and our desires are not heard in the legislature. The voters in central Arizona want our water and unless we get activated, they will get it, by hook or by crook.

The only saving mechanism I can see is to act on the sad old saying, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.” I strongly and earnestly urge every voter in our county to write letters to every official with a title, from the governor’s office, on down to the county supervisors and city council members and do it every time you can come up with a postage stamp. Then make telephone calls to the same people, and continue to write and phone every day and every day, over and over again, until you see some action and some changes being made in our behalf. We may be few in number, but if we make enough noise and stir the pot long enough, I believe the result will be gratifying.

If we just sit on our hands and wait for the elusive “someone else” to do it, we will certainly see this county dry up completely and we will become famous for having carelessly created the first “Ghost County,” with no water and no population.

Now, just think of your grand kids and their own grand kids. Imagine them telling of the cruel hoax their grandparents and great grandparents committed by actually completely drying up an entire county and leaving it uninhabitable.

We are, in undeniable fact, robbing our offspring of their birthright. Just as though we were overdrawing a bank account, we are over drafting our water bank account. We are allowing greed and laziness to steal the very water of life from those yet unborn. What we are doing is shameful, reprehensible and, in some cases, criminal.

Is this really the legacy we want to leave behind us? If you care, ACT!

Make your voice heard!

Jack Hommel

Golden Valley resident