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7:27 AM Tue, Jan. 22nd

Letter | Donald Trump, our President of these United States

Forty years ago, I realized politicians, because of the power we entrust to them, have a great influence over our lives in this great country, The United States of America. Due to that realization of power, I studied the issues and paid attention to what politicians stated when they ran for office. I noted if they remained true to their campaign promise and how they voted for and/or attempted to accomplish what they promised during that campaign.

Love him or hate him, you should realize President Trump has tried his best to fulfill each promise made during his campaign. You may not appreciate his tweets or the way he publically communicates, but you should realize he deals with a news media which is liberal and biased against him. He deals with a previous administration that has weaponized our federal government, including but not limited to, the Internal Revenue Service, Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Justice, et al., to conspire against, possibly spy on his campaign members and administration.

There is no evidence that President Trump or members of his campaign worked with the Russians to affect his campaign.

I work for and support politicians whom I believe have our best interest and our country's best interest in mind during those important decisions which affect our lives and possibly our existence.

President Trump is doing his best to make our country healthy and strong by improving our economy, strengthening our military, improving our healthcare system, securing borders and draining the swamp. Political liberals are desperately attempting to prevent any of this from occurring.

Dennis Lange

Local resident