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7:26 AM Tue, Jan. 22nd

Letter | Crashes on Stockton

This letter is in response to the Daily Miner editorial that ran May 9, “Red light cameras or not, something has to be done.”

It has gotten to the point that people have total disregard for traffic laws. Anymore, if you drive the speed limit, you almost get run over. I can’t say how many times that I have had to slam on my brakes because someone blew through a stop sign.

I think what needs to be done is to increase the fines to $500 for the first time. The next time it is $1,000.

I used to live in Riverside, California. One day I was talking to a police officer, and he told me that you can show people real gruesome pictures of auto accidents, but it doesn’t do any good.

If you hit them real hard in the pocket book, then they will wake up.

I am getting fed up with my insurance rates going up every year without having any claims.

Ronney L. Case

Golden Valley Resident