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10:35 PM Sun, Dec. 09th

Letter | The U.S. was founded on Judeo-Christian values

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In response to Mr. T. Allen’s comments on if the United States was founded as one nation under God by our forefather’s is incorrect.

The U.S. was founded on Judeo-Christian values. Many books have been written proving this issue.

As far as no God or if it matters any more, well, I can absolutely guarantee you it does and you are in for a rude awaking one of these days.

And Constantine did not stick his finger in the air. He saw the cross of Christ in the sky before a battle and said that if he won the battle then the Christian God must be the most powerful, so in 325 A.D., the Council of Nicaea was formed where the Bible was fully established or decided on what would go in it. Constantine made Christianity the religion of the land to also stop the political mayhem of which religion was correct.

Furthermore, Constantine’s mother was a Christian, and she did an expedition where she actually found a piece of the true cross that Jesus was crucified on and brought it back home.

Most scientists agree that we would not be here without a supreme designer of everything, like our planet and all the stars in the night sky.

It just doesn’t work without Him. I choose to call Him God or Lord God Almighty.

And again, yes, the United States was and is founded on Christian values.

Edward Lindsay

Local Resident