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5:21 PM Mon, Dec. 10th

Community View | Dear Second Amendment Enthusiast

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Dear Second Amendment Enthusiast,

Now that we’ve taken a moment to dry our tears from yet another mass shooting (which seems to be the norm in the United States), won’t you take a precious moment of your time to read our point of view.

This letter may help you to better understand the matter of gun safety in the United States of America.

We can tell you that just because someone is a citizen of the United States is not a good enough qualification to have the right to own or operate something that can harm or kill others.

We can tell you that the Second Amendment refers to “a well-regulated militia.” By definition regulate means to control or supervise.

We can tell you that our Founding Fathers had no idea what the evolution of a musket would become. But they did believe in the right to LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Even if you do not like it.

We can tell you that in the three weeks since Parkland, there have been over 600 gun threats. There has never been a president, until now (the guy that you supported), who has said, “take the guns first, go through due process second.”

We can tell you that if you need an AR-15 to hunt, you need to give up hunting. Also, Eugene Stoner designed the AR-15 and M-16 as a military weapon to give our soldiers an advantage over the AK-47. Stoner has long since passed, but his children said, “the ex-Marine and avid sportsmen, hunter and skeet shooter, never used his invention for sport. He also never kept it around the house for personal defense. In fact, he never even owned one.”

We can tell you that 17 died at Parkland, 58 died in Las Vegas, 49 died in Orlando, 26 died in Sandy Hook at the hands of someone legally obtaining an AR-15.

We can tell you that we don’t care so much about what the celebrities are saying, we are energized by how the youth movement is changing the conversation.

We can tell you that we are not for disarming law-abiding citizens, but we’re not for arming teachers either.

We can tell you how easy it is to legally purchase a gun online or at a gun show. What we can’t tell you is how easy it is to purchase a gun illegally as many of you have claimed it is. Can you explain to us the process and sources because everyone we’ve asked has no clue how you do this? Do you just ask random folks on the street?

We can tell you that we have no idea what it’s like to live in Italy. However, common sense tells us that if the mafia or state wants you dead, it’s going to happen regardless of you having a gun, although we can agree that “The Godfather” movies are classics.

We can tell you that Alex Jones, who helped popularize the term “false flag” admitted in court that he is an actor on an entertainment show. So, how is that not “fake news?”

We can tell you that there’s an 80 percent chance that law-abiding gun owners most likely will be killed by their own gun versus protecting themselves from another person.

We could tell you so many other things, but you seem to be too focused on me and mine to comprehend the value of real lives.

Is it really more about the right to kill if you see fit versus your actual right to bear arms? Like in the case of George Zimmerman?

What we can’t understand is your paranoia and why you feel you need to stockpile arms? We understand you are scared. The world is a scary place. We can tell you we are scared also. Scared for the kids who have to grow up in times like these.

So, instead of drawing lines in the sand inside your bunker, why don’t you come out and have a conversation about gun safety?