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8:31 AM Tue, Jan. 22nd

Letter | NACFD issues will only harm those in the district


The chief was right in his thoughts that he would be fired. It happened Wednesday evening and Thursday morning. They fired the best administrative assistant the district has had in 10 years. Besides the current board being corrupt and illegally seated, it stems from the apathy of the citizens within the NACFD coverage area. Nobody seems to care. Without going into everything illegal this board has done (that would take most of the space in the paper), let's just focus on the past several days.

On May 24, Eric Berg and Carl Hayes were seated on the NACFD board. Neither took the oath of office as is required by law. Members of the audience, which were few, complained that the meeting was illegal and these two could not be seated. The question of where Carl Hayes lived was brought up and he stated he lived at his airport hangar. He was advised that he cannot be living in an airport hanger and 13 members of the community filed complaints. The hangar was inspected by Mohave County Planning and Zoning and no evidence of any living quarters was found and the complaint was dismissed. That leaves only one question. Where does Carl Hayes live? We need an answer. Why are you not forthcoming? You were vocal when you stated that one of the chief’s biggest supporters was an arsonist. Hopefully he has retained legal council and a lawsuit is forthcoming. Why no answer on where you live? You are in violation of ARS statute 48-802(D)2. Come clean.

It has also come to my attention that Hayes and Berg both have undisclosed conflicts of interest and should not have even been considered for the board let alone seated. Both Jim Bailey and Mike Collins are aware of these conflicts and ignored them. Why is this happening? Because the voters of the district have turned a blind eye to what is happening. It is not their problem until they need help and none is there.

Fortunately the Arizona Attorney General is now investigating. Hopefully some justice will be forthcoming. If not, I am not sure what else to do. In November 2016, NACFD was close to crumbling because of the “leadership” of three members of this board and an incompetent fire chief before board elections turned things around. Unfortunately, due to a mistake that was turned into a felony by Mohave County Attorney Matt Smith and company, we are back where we started. What’s going to happen? As has been the plan for several years the department will end up a part of Kingman Fire Deparment. Merging was rebuffed by the ousted chief due to coverage concerns. With him gone? Oh, well.

So my fellow taxpayers in the district, when they start eliminating stations and personnel like they did before, just sit on your hands and wait for someone else to complain. And when you call in an emergency and no one shows up, I will be the first to say, “I told you so!”

Rick Veradt

Kingman resident