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Guest Column: Ensuring Grads are Equipped for Citizenship

“I may have to do WHAT to receive my high school diploma?”

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Guest Column: In the Cities and in the Suburbs, Population Booming

The recently released U.S. Census Bureau data on 2016 population growth in cities and their outlying areas arrives at one inescapable conclusion...

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Gueest Column: Making America Jurassic Again

President Donald Trump possesses a style described by friends as virile and intuitive, and by foes as oafish and oblivious.

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Guest Column: Can We Start Showing Some Respect for Melania?

Michelle Obama was a very good first lady.

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Guest Column: It’s Time for Dems to Get Real

Democrats just lost another election, this time in Montana.

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Guest Column: California Reinvents Medical Tourism

Until very recently, medical tourism was traveling from your home to find less expensive medical care, usually overseas.

Guest Column: Democrats Have an Obscene New Mantra

Has anyone noticed the moral and organizational collapse of the Democratic Party?

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Guest Column: 1967’s ‘Summer of Love’: Did It Earn The Title?

I’ve always chafed at the term “love child” being reserved for the product of an illicit affair, thus implying that children born into a stable, committed home are merely property or tax deductions.

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Guest Column: The Media’s War on Trump

Which is worse, President Trump allegedly sharing a piece of classified intel with the Russian ambassador or insider bureaucrats leaking classified information to journalists, all hell-bent on unseating a president they just don’t like?

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Guest Column: For Some, Immigration is a Second Chance at Life

She was a virgin when he raped her, impregnated her, and then beat her. She miscarried.

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Guest Column: Intelligence Leaks and a Duplicitous Press

A Harvard study published May 18 reveals what thoughtful Americans already knew: Extreme anti-Trump bias runs rampant in corporate media.

Guest Column: President Braggadocio Fires a Showboat

The firing of FBI Director James Comey by the president of the United States slammed Washington.

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Guest Column: Surviving the American Prom

Proms sure have gotten expensive these days.

Guest Column: Changing the Channel on Congress

I give up.

Guest Column: Falling for the Lies While Ignoring the Fresh Air Truth

Since Adam’s fall in Eden, we humans find it easy to fall for lies.

Guest Column: Protecting Privacy in the Internet Age

The rise of cloud computing is forcing policymakers to take a long overdue look at the limits of privacy in cyberspace, just how far the U.S. government can go in invading it, and what the rules should to be.

Guest Column: President Trump Stress Disorder - An Epidemic Sweeping The Nation

An epidemic is sweeping the nation, causing sufferers to experience feelings of hopeless doom, certain annihilation and cataclysmic collapse.

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Guest Column: A Dirty Late-Night Joke

Remember when late-night TV used to be entertaining – and actually funny?

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Guest Column: Cleaning Up Democrats’ Health Care Mess

Last time they were in charge, Democrats created the dumpster fire we know as Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act, which is nothing more than a failed wealth redistribution experiment.

Guest Column: Americans yawn after sanctuary restaurants close

Every May Day, just as surely as the sun sets in the west, protestors – anarchists, really – take to the streets.

Guest Column: Report Card on Trump’s First 100 Days

It seems like decades since Barack Obama handed the keys to the country over to the House of Trump, but that was only at the end of January, barely 3 months ago.

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Guest Column: Break the chains of government regulations

My head spins.

Column: Patience is a (political) virtue

I admit I clearly was not born with the patience gene.

Column: Protesters are environmental hypocrites

Few things pollute the earth more than when leftists gather to protest.

Column: Trump’s bad day

With his 100th day recently past, President Donald Trump suffered two major, but non-fatal, reversals on signature campaign promises.