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Letter | Jack Hommel: Verbal hurricane surrounds interchanges

Kingman is wasting its potential

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Column | Another Mass Shooting, More ‘Thoughts and Prayers’

"Thoughts and Prayers" don't mean anything anymore

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County Corner | New staff at the County Recorder’s Office here to serve

I would like to advise the citizens of Mohave County that once your document is recorded, it becomes a public record, (except for military discharges) and you may receive a letter from an outside agency, not affiliated with our office, offering you a property assessment profile and a complimentary copy of your deed for $86 or more.

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Column | Living United by Giving

River Cities United Way recently held their Annual Campaign Kick-Off on Sept. 13 at Metcalfe Park to celebrate our 2016-2017 Campaign success and to kick off our 2017-2018 Campaign.

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Column | The Swamp consists of the institutions

Get ready for a word problem.

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Column | Shedding light on Puerto Rico

Backroom wrangling over financial transactions between government agencies and big business is not unheard of. It is, however, suspect when it involves “no-bid” contracts.

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Column: Don’t fire, don’t pardon

With special counsel Robert Mueller unveiling his first indictments and a plea deal in the Russia case, President Donald Trump should do what’s hardest for him – nothing.

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Column | Inappropriate Halloween Costumes

What can we dress up as for Halloween?

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Column | Hail, the Queen of Collusion

Excuse me, but didn’t I write this column already?

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Column | This Week’s Profiles in Political Courage!

Arizona Republican Jeff Flake proudly stood before America this week and crowed, “Mr. President, I rise today to address a matter that has been much on my mind, at a moment when it seems that our democracy is more defined by our discord and our dysfunction than it is by our values and our principles.”

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Column | Conspiracy theories remain alive and well

He was of Cuban descent with connections to Italian friends in New York City.

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Column | The delusional optimism of both sides

This week, President Trump went to battle with Gold Star widow Myeshia Johnson.

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Column | The Kremlin knows a bargain when it sees it

We are supposed to believe that Russia bought the American presidential election last year with $100,000 in Facebook ads and some other digital activity.

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Column | Surprise! Big Media Ignores the Real Russian Scandal

Susan Stamper Brown isn't impressed by the mainstream media's inattention

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Column | Outing the Weinsteins

We know Hollywood moguls are infamous for taking advantage of aspiring young actresses.

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Column | Virginia Governor’s Race Is the Establishment’s Revenge

November’s off–year Virginia governor’s race is what conservatives would have faced in 2016 if Trump had done a Hillary as he descended the escalator for his announcement and wound up in A Place for Mom instead of the Oval Office.

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Column | Polio and pulling together: A lesson for today’s America

She came home with a high temperature, feeling very ill. The next morning, her legs gave out when she tried to get out of bed. By that evening, she was so weak she could barely move.

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Column | There’s no argument about Babe Ruth

Baseball and I go back a long way – nearly seven decades, to be exact.

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Column | Iran deal decertification makes us less safe

No one disputes that the regime in Iran is dangerous, and everyone wants to find a way to stop its destructive behavior in the Middle East and beyond.

Column: Jimmy Kimmel is no Johnny Carson

Jimmy Kimmel deserves credit for frankness, if nothing else.

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Column: Sales tax increase is going to force taxpayers to eat out less, shop elsewhere

I am tired of the private agendas on City Council.

Column | Social Justice is an Oxymoron

From Washington, D.C. to the NFL and Hollywood, America’s idols are tumbling down.

Column | The Protestant Reformation: 500 Fun-Filled Years

Did you realize that October 31 marks 500 years since Martin Luther presented his famous “95 theses” about abuses by the Roman Catholic Church?

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Column | There’s No Such Thing as Personal Information

Your personal information is most likely out there for criminals to use.

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Column | Too familiar with cancer

October is cancer awareness month, and I can’t help but reflect on the effects these deadly diseases have had on my family and me.