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Welcoming downtown arch inches toward reality

An archway spanning Beale Street welcoming visitors to Kingman could be another eye-catching addition to downtown soon.

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Roadwork Before The Storm: Some repairs get made, others wait and new ones will emerge

Thin budget, workforce hamper street maintenance

Potholes have been a problem for the motoring public for decades.

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City Council chooses negotiation as first step for airport

City Council agreed Tuesday to seek outside legal review – possibly from the Mohave County Attorney’s office – of the Kingman Airport Authorities’ 50-year amendment with the City of Kingman.

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KPD: ‘Lock it or lose it’

Vehicle thieves have gone on a virtual crime spree since Jan. 1. In that time, Kingman Police have taken 51 reports of burglaries to personal cars and trucks.

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Three charged in two separate assaults

Three people were violently assaulted last weekend. One man went to jail and two others were already there.

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Woman killed by train Jan. 10 identified

Kingman Police have released the identity of the woman killed by a train last week.

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Seeing Red at the Stoplight: Technology drives city’s traffic lights

The timing of traffic signals lies in technology and furiously punching your steering wheel in a fit of rage won’t change that fact.

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Lingenfelter seeks outside counsel review of Kingman Airport Authority agreement

City Council Meets Today

Discussion over the Kingman Airport Authority is on the City Council’s agenda tonight.

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Mohave Community College launches math readiness program

Mohave Community College will begin providing every high school student in Mohave County the opportunity to assess their readiness and prepare for college math.

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Malfunctioning refrigerator catches home ablaze

A faulty refrigerator caused a fire that destroyed a travel trailer early Tuesday.

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