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Dear Abby | Cancer patient discusses too much detail in public

Have a frank talk with your friend, tell her her behavior is inappropriate, and ask her not to do it in front of you.

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Dear Abby | Couple planning a family disagree about adoption

My husband and I have been happily married for two years. We both want biological children later, when the timing is right.

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Dear Abby | Father’s day is bitter reminder for daughter mourning her dad

I got a stepdad when I was a young teen. He never tried to replace my dad, and was very respectful of that relationship. I didn’t regard him as a father figure, but more as a relative, friend, and a good man who has done a lot of good for my family.

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Dear Abby | Son lives in constant fear for unhappy mom’s welfare

My mother-in-law constantly talks to my husband about committing suicide because she’s not happy with her life or her husband. My husband worries all the time and has offered to let her come stay with us for a while.

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Dear Abby | Couple’s plans hit a snag over detour to a strip club

You escalated the situation and you shouldn’t have. However, if you feel so strongly about strip clubs, perhaps you should consider finding another man to spend your life with because it really isn’t possible to control the actions of another adult.

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Dear Abby | Woman finds ways to mend lost dream of motherhood

I have some suggestions for “Longing to Be a Mom” (Feb. 27), whose husband doesn’t want a child. If you talk your husband into it, are you prepared to do all the parenting while he sits staring at the TV or starts working longer hours or worse? Are you prepared for the lack of connection that child might have with his/her father?

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Dear Abby | Unhappy mom is harassed by her family of pranksters

I tend to react poorly when someone pulls a prank on me. My reaction is usually anger, hurt or embarrassment, and I end up saying or doing things I later regret because emotion took over.

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Dear Abby | Woman looks for exit ramp out of one-way friendship

I have a friend who brags nonstop about her boyfriend, her job, her new car, etc. She only comes out of the woodwork every so often to text me things like, “Roy just got a $13 raise at work!” I respond with wholehearted support and congratulations, then don’t hear from her again until days later.

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Dear Abby | Fake flower prompts emotional reaction from offended widow

My brother-in-law died a month ago and was cremated by the local affiliate of a prominent funeral home. To make it easier for my sister, I accompanied her to the mortuary to pick up her husband’s remains. I walked in alone, and as I returned to the car with his urn, a young funeral home employee in a black suit and scuffed shoes followed me.

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Dear Abby | Military marriage suffers from frequent separation

Separation is part of a military marriage. I agree that for you and your husband to fix what’s wrong with your marriage, he will need to be present and accounted for.

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