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Lee Williams High School is Miscasting a Concert

Students play the perfect role in raising money for AIDS/HIV research

Imagine your favorite play or movie. Now imagine everything just a little bit wrong.

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Deadline approaches for ‘Women Making History’ award

The nomination deadline is Jan. 19.

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Resolutions have a low success rate. So why do we make them, and how long have we been making them?

Changing for the New Year

It’s the first day of 2018. Plenty of people are up and at the gym or putting their phones down as they begin working on their New Year’s resolutions.

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A Lee Williams junior gets her shot in the Big Apple

Lee Williams’ Shai Weaver will get to experience every theater student’s dream at her Broadway internship this summer

Shai Weaver is still waiting to wake up from her dream.

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All hooves on deck: Kingman’s Healing Hooves offers opportunities for able-bodied and disabled horse enthusiasts

Kingman’s Healing Hooves offers opportunities for able-bodied and disabled horse enthusiasts

The swish of a tail, the long lashes on brown, almost black, eyes, and the soft, smooth, warm skin around the mouth and nose make up just small features of a horse.

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The Meaning of Christmas: Christmas Angels bring a homeless couple home

The road has been long, but Shellie and Bill have made it home at last

For Diane Pherigo, local Realtor, that July day started just like any other

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Kingman High School hosting its Winter Showcase of three one-act plays

As Christmas approaches and the first semester ends, Kingman High School has one final theatrical performance before the holidays.

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Nominations open for 34th annual 'Women Making History' award

It’s time to start nominating local women for the 34th annual “Women Making History” award.

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Watch: A Christmas Wish Comes True - Kids get their Dad

The sun was shining almost as bright as the smiles on the children’s faces at Santa’s Hualapai Wonderland in the Hualapai Mountain Park Saturday.

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Column | Making mole hills out of mountains

No one asks to be harassed. No one wants to be assaulted.

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