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In the Shadow of the Moon: Solar Eclipse 101

Monday will be the first time in almost 100 years a solar eclipse has passed over the entire U.S.

According to NASA’s website, the last time a total eclipse touched the U.S. was in 1979

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Column | Politics Don’t Matter When No One Is Alive To Hear

Left, right or center – liberal, conservative or moderate – politics do not belong anywhere in tragedy.

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Column | Sex raises questions, so answer them

I remember the first time I had “the talk” at school.

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Downtown workgroups seeks to raise its charm

With monthly events and numerous things to do downtown throughout the year, it seems as though downtown should be thriving and bustling.

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Don’t ignore depression signs

Mental health illnesses are not a joke, especially when it leads to someone committing suicide.

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Column: When one DTO leaves, another is ready to take its place

Drug trafficking organizations have been deeply rooted in American history.

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Column: Art is powerful, even more so than words

Visual art comes in all shapes and sizes.

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'Kingman Flower' art show opens Friday

Wildflower season has produced several beautiful works of art, from photos to watercolors to quilted lilies.

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Editorial: After a year, Barbie and Ken get another update

In February of 2016, one iconic body changed dramatically.

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Mohave County Judge Steven Conn retires after 40 years

The "Casablanca" fan waited until the last possible minute to give up his bench

People might describe his bench attitude as sarcastic, but the Honorable Judge Steven Conn said he just likes doesn’t like to be overly serious.

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