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Nearly a century’s worth of Hollywood films have taken place in Kingman

There is something about this area and something about Kingman. That something is immortalized in films dating back nearly a century.

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Sacha Baron Cohen makes a joke of Kingman

The last five minute segment of the episode, which had Dick Cheney signing a supposed waterboarding kit, was called “Healing the Divide” and featured Kingman

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You’re invited to crash the wedding at 2nd&Oak

From the street, it looks like any other house downtown.

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Substance abuse among top three health challenges

According to data gathered by the Community Health Assessment, Mohave County ranks worse than peer counties for most kinds of substance abuse.

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Under the influence: How much is too much when it comes to driving under the influence?

In its most basic form, a DUI is driving under the influence of anything. Whether it is alcohol from a party or sleeping medication that hasn’t quite worn off yet, impaired driving can be lethal. “Impairment is impairment,” said Rusty Cooper, deputy chief of Kingman Police Department. “It can lead to being hurt or killed.”

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Mental health is the number one health priority

Mental health is, by and large, the biggest concern of the Kingman community. It’s a need that cannot be ignored.

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ACC candidate hopes to bring back judicial code of conduct

Arizona Corporation Commission hopeful Rodney Glassman cannot stress the importance of integrity enough. Glassman said the lack of integrity is one of the biggest issues the ACC currently faces. “Most of what people see is the indictment, drugs in hotel rooms and rate increases,” Glassman said.

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Virginia Statler has reached 100 years old, and her family is still counting

Born in Kansas in 1918, Statler moved to Kingman in 1928 to be with her mother, Lena Ussery Hickman. Statler went to school in the Little Red Schoolhouse here in Kingman, before she left in 1932 to finish her schooling in Prescott.

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Fly baby, fly: 28th annual Kite Day Extravaganza

It was a bright sunny day, perfect for flying a kite.

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Being a mother isn’t easy, but at least these mothers have a generation or two of support

A mother is someone who will laugh and cry with you, help and guide you and always support you and love you. Without our mothers, we wouldn’t be here. Motherhood is one of the hardest jobs in the world. It’s painful, it’s emotional, it’s stressful, and it is one of the most important jobs.

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