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Virginia Statler has reached 100 years old, and her family is still counting

Born in Kansas in 1918, Statler moved to Kingman in 1928 to be with her mother, Lena Ussery Hickman. Statler went to school in the Little Red Schoolhouse here in Kingman, before she left in 1932 to finish her schooling in Prescott.

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Fly baby, fly: 28th annual Kite Day Extravaganza

It was a bright sunny day, perfect for flying a kite.

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Being a mother isn’t easy, but at least these mothers have a generation or two of support

A mother is someone who will laugh and cry with you, help and guide you and always support you and love you. Without our mothers, we wouldn’t be here. Motherhood is one of the hardest jobs in the world. It’s painful, it’s emotional, it’s stressful, and it is one of the most important jobs.

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Secretary of State candidate seeking to preserve integrity of the office

Steve Gaynor said he wants to make sure the integrity of elections is preserved, regardless of party affiliation. Every single one of the 15 county elections should be well run, and each county election is just as important as the last one.

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Born and raised Kingmanite Virginia Black Doyle was a model, an artist, an actress, a singer and a certified Rosie the Riveter

In a span of 100 years, so much can happen. The Allies won not one, but two world wars, the civil rights movement began and ended, women won the right to vote, humans were sent to space, and one Kingmanite who showed the world beauty and grace was born here.

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Mohave Museum of History and Arts celebrates its 50th anniversary this week

On April 27, 1968, the “most unusual small museum in America” was officially dedicated by Secretary of the Interior Stewart Udall. Friday marks the Mohave Museum of History and Arts’ 50th anniversary.

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Behind The Motorcycle: An invention from around the world

From inventions like simple flint tools to hunt and farm, which advanced humankind by leaps and bounds, to airplanes which have advanced to the point of circling the world in a matter of hours instead of days. One of those boggling inventions is the motorcycle.

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Pastoral Association hosts ecumenism discussion, potluck

The Kingman Unified Pastoral Association will host Dr. Lowell Almen at 5 p.m. today to be speak on religious discussions and agreements with a variety of religions. Almen will be at Grace Lutheran Church (2101 Harrison Street).

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Kingman and the Lone Eagle: When Charles Lindbergh came to visit

The year is 1927. It’s a misty morning in late May and an unassuming mail pilot was about to make history.

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Mohave County Gemstoners welcome agate expert

McMahan, author of “Agates, The Pat McMahan Collection,” has spent much of the past 26 years collecting agates.

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